Transform your life through yoga, powerful breathing and relaxation techniques.

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Things You Oughta Know To Live Simply Well.

Health Is Your Natural State.

Every decision you make is either moving you towards health or away from it. Let's discover the root causes of stress, anxiety, and other health challenges. It's time to build our lives on a foundation of wellness. A vibrant life full of energy!

Meet Leslie

I'm a total health and wellness nerd. Since 2005, I have accumulated 1000's of hours of education, research and practice that informs my approach to reducing stress, improving wellness and leading yoga.

Why would I do this? After a misdiagnosed thyroid condition, a cancer scare and other health challenges; I did not like the care I was receiving. Nor, did I trust the advice of health care professionals. I was getting worse, not better.

I wholeheartedly believe that if I had not taken 100% control over my own health and wellness I would be one sick woman today. My wellness education was born of necessity. You are the expert of your own life. I'm here to guide you back to your natural state. Let's get started!

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