Meet Leslie

Hey, there!

Nice to Meet You. I'm Leslie Gilbert.

I taught myself yoga through books and VHS tapes before yoga classes online were a thing and long before yoga studios came to my part of Georgia. When the local gym offered yoga and the teacher quit after one class, my hairdresser (who knew I practiced yoga) voluntered me for the job. I've been teaching ever since.

My classes are based in natural movement and practicing with ease. My passion is removing obstacles and helping people move well so they can do what they love. This passion developed over the course of the last 15 years of practice and study. I love teaching mixed level classes and have a special place in my heart for teaching beginners and former couch potatoes.

My superpower for creating awesome playlists complements my approachable style. Come say "Hi" on Facebook.

I'm a total health and wellness nerd. Since 2005, I have accumulated 1000's of hours of education, research and practice that informs my approach to reducing stress and improving wellness. Why would I do this? Well, after a misdiagnosed thyroid condition , a cancer scare and other health challenges; I did not like the care I was receiving, nor did I trust the advice of health care professionals. I was getting worse, not better. I wholeheartedly believe that if I had not taken 100% control over my own health and wellness I would be one sick girl today.

My wellness education was born of necessity. It continues to evolve as more research, science and information becomes available.

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