Rib Cage Breath for Stress Relief

Rib Cage Breath for Stress Relief

Follow along as we practice the Rib Cage Breath.  Another simple practice to help you reduce stress.

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Rib Cage Breath

(Inhale AND Exhale through the nose.)

  1. Find a comfortable seat or stand
  2. Bring hands to the side of your rib cage with your thumbs behind and fingers in front
  3. Abdomen stays relaxed
  4. On your Inhale - feel the ribs expand laterally (out to the sides)
  5. On your Exhale - allow the ribs to soften, rib cage comes back to neutral
  6. As you Inhale - Imagine your ribs expanding like an umbrella opening
  7. As you Exhale - Imagine closing your umbrella, ribs moves back to the center
  8. Notice where the abdomen expands, noticing the slight movement into the belly
  9. This is an easy, smooth breath - careful not to overextend with belly breathing or make the breath forceful.

On your Inhale...

  • Rib Cage Expands
  • Diaphragm Moves Down
  • Pelvic Floor Moves Down
  • Lungs Expand
  • Air Pulled Into the Lungs

On your Exhale...

  • Rib Cage Relaxes
  • Diaphragm Moves Up
  • Pelvic Floor Moves Up
  • Lungs Shrink
  • Air Forced Out of Lungs


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Photo by Michelle on Unsplash