Leslie Gilbert Stress Coach

What is Stress Coaching?

A specialized area of health and wellness coaching that focuses on discovering the root causes of stress and how to deal with it forever.

What To Expect From Your Coach...

An experienced professional that will guide, educate, advocate, inquire and provide perspective regarding your wellness goals. Successful solutions are the result of taking responsibility for yourself.

My bespoke coaching services address your unique situation. There are no one-size fits all solutions. My services are well suited for the highly motivated individual who is ready to take control of their lives.

You're In The Right Place If...

You feel stuck.
You have trouble achieving your goals.
It's difficult to overcome life's challenges.
You have reached an athletic plateau or obstacle.
You are considering a complete life change.

There's more to wellness than just our health.
For true wellness, we must consider all the areas that make up our life.

Wellness Illustration

If we take a moment to reflect on each of these areas: consider the areas that feel easy, the ones where you struggle, how often you feel anxious or overwhelmed in relation to any of these. I invite you to consider that life's challenges or stresses, fall in into at least one of the following: Physical Stress, Chemical Stress and Emotional Stress. If we can get to the root cause of stress and implement tools to manage it, true wellness is the result.

Managing stress is unique to the individual. What works for stress-relief in one instance may not work in the other. Sometimes, we need to take a step back from our current situation and get a new perspective on what we're experiencing. This is where the Wellness Tune-up comes in. This 90-minute call is designed to help you explore what you're experiencing right now and implement solutions to move you closer to true wellness.

Stress-management doesn't happen once. As we navigate life, we are continuously using tools from our Stress Tool Box to keep us in balance or synergy. However, it does take practice and patience. Making any changes in your life takes time. Stress-relief is no different. At the end of each call, you'll be armed with three actionable steps/tools to help you move through challenges. The Wellness Tune-Up was created with the highly motivated DIYer in mind. You know things have to change. You just need a little guidance to get where you want to go. You know change is a commitment and that it requires practice.

The Habit Changer is a 30-day program designed to help you create/change one habit. The challenges and Stress you're experiencing didn't happen overnight and won't be resolved overnight. This program includes weekly calls and email support to walk you, step-by-step, through the process. The Habit Changer was created for those that know they need an accountability partner for success. You're ready to make a change, yet prefer to have someone available every step of the way. You've accepted responsibility for the changes that need to be made. You're committed to the change process.

Our brains are hard-wired to resist change. With time, tools and practice we can overcome this resistance and build our lives on a foundation of wellness. A life where stress doesn't rule.

Coaching Options

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Wellness Tune-Up

  • 90 Minute Session
  • Variable Topics
  • Life Balance Workbook
  • Actionable Steps
  • Personalized Resources
  • Email Support
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  • -
  • -
  • $97

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The Habit Changer

  • 90 Minute Initial Session
  • Variable Topics
  • Life Balance Workbook
  • Actionable Steps
  • Personalized Resources
  • Email/Text Support
  • HabitTracker/Journal
  • 30 Day Program
  • 30 minute Weekly Calls
  • $297

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